Mac OS X Tools

Mac OS X Tools

******* July 25, 2014 — Some of these are outdated, this page is in the process of being completely updated ***********

Essentials • Scumware Removal  Mac Protection • Assessment Tools Network Tools • Wireless Tools • Firefox Extensions • OS X Revering and Misc.• Mac OS X Forensics


Mozilla Firefox – One of the best web-browsers (don’t forget the plug-ins!!)

Cocktail – Simplifies use of UNIX functions in OS X, and more

Deja Vu – Schedule regular file backups

Chicken of the VNC – For all that evil VNCing, CotVNC is a lightweight VNC client

Fetch – Simple little FTP client, supports SSL

Scumware Removal

MacScan – This is a shareware spyware/adware/kelogger scanner for Mac OS X. An easy way to find malware on your system.

Mac Protection

ProtectMac Anti Virus – Next Generation AV with malware detection for Mac and Non-Mac malware, works very well with TimeCapsule.

ClanXav  ClamXav is the ClamAV open source virus scanner ported for Mac OS X. Free virus protection is hard to top.

Paranoid Android  This little freeware application can be configured to warn you when malicious software tries to modify anything on your system.

Little Snitch – Informs you of all incoming and outgoing connections to the machine, this also works wonders as a troubleshooting application for multi-platform environments and hardening testing <– by far one of my favorites!

Assessment Tools

Nessus  Premier UNIX vulnerability assessment tool

John the Ripper – John the Ripper is a freeware password crack utility that has been ported to Mac OS X. This utility will allow you to crack passwords if the root or admin password is ever lost.

Network Tools

Wireshark – Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together

ZenMap – It’s the Mac version of Nmap Security Scanner.

Wireless Tools

KisMac – This handy little piece of freeware is great for sniffing wireless network traffic. This is the Mac OS X port of the popular Kismet wireless packet analyzer.

AirRadar – Cute little wireless network scanner that is nice enough to give us MAC addresses in the basic GUI

MacStumbler – The 2.0 version is soon to come that has talk of much better MBP support. Older versions work great on PPC’s

Firefox extensions/Plug-ins

AdBlock – It blocks ads, lots of them

NoScript – Prevents a website from running a script unless you specifically allow the script, makes Firefox safer

Show IP – Shows the IP address of current site, 1-click WHOIS and more

Shareaholic – Makes it easy to submit content to multiple social sites.

Reversing Tools and Misc.

Xcode – Apple Dev. Environment

OTX – “Object Tool Extended” is a tool that uses otool to disassemble Mach-O executable files, then enhances the dissembled output.

OxED – OS X native hex editor

Darwinports – BSD like port system, enabling you to compile a lot of *nix applications from a repository. Works like a charm under MacIntel.

Mac OS X ABI Mach-O File Format Reference

Text Wrangler – The free and slightly watered down version of BBEdit, but handles big files really well.

Mac OS X Forensics

Apple Examiner Great links on all things Mac, and nice Forensics section as well.

Mac Marshal – is a new application that will analyze Mac OS X file system images. It has capabilities of finding virtual machines, Windows installations, parsing internet history, email, FileVault decryption, and many more. The application is FREE to all law enforcement and can be purchased by everyone else thru Architecture Technology Corporation.

Exiftool – a free utility to extract EXIF data from a huge list of file types by Phil Harvey.

Exif Data Dump – an Automator Action based on Exiftool by George Starcher that will turn Exif data gathering into a one step action

TNEF – a free utility to decode WINMAIL.DAT email attachments by Josh Jacob

iBored – a free hex editor for disk sectors written by Thomas Tempelmann

File Juicer – extract images and many other file types from a given source with this great utility by Echo One

MacOSXForensics Imager – Release Candidate 2.1! Image physical devices in the Encase or FTK format. MD5 and SHA1 hash support. See the Read Me file for complete documentation.


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