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August 12, 2014

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The only way to truly have privacy is to be less interesting. When nobody, no corporation, no entity cares about what you do, say, go, buy, are, etc… that is when you get your privacy. So to what extent has it ever really existed.
– The Introspective SecBarbie.

General Blog

2012 – A letter to my InfoSec friends

January 10, 2010

As I blow the dust off of Security Sociability from a 2011 that included three posts I must apologize to all who check this site from time to time. 2011 was a year that prompted a great deal of change for a number of people who I call friends in the security industry, but for myself was a year of great reflection on the industry, career, and life in general. Without getting sappy on everyone, there was a great deal of fun and education that occurred throughout 2011, and new friendships forged!

So what’s new in 2012? I feel a great deal of change about to occur this year, with the beginning being the updated Security Conference list on this site. 2012 dates for conferences have been updated, as always additions will be added throughout the year as events unfold. Additionally, 2012 is the year of content for Security Sociability, vacation time is over for me! So let’s bring forth the new year!

As we all learn from the past and progress to our future, I employ you all to make a difference and reach out from the echo chamber!