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March 2013

InfoSec Issues

Healthcare security – My recent experience

March 16, 2013

There is always human error, and I’m sure that this is not uncommon in hand written charts, but here is a disturbing fact. When I recently went to my doctor, she was going over my past vital stats from past charts from other appointments with me. She mentioned one particular date from last summer that I KNEW that I was never there, it was  the day of my mother’s funeral, so I have full confidence what I was doing that day.

To make matters a bit worse, and this is pure human error, when my doctor left the room, she did not log out of the system. All my information was left up on the screen, I had every opportunity to play with the information if I so desired (or other people’s information for that matter). Being as I do not care to have my healthcare information tampered with, I locked the screen for her.

We have so very far to go, but it does beg the question…. What else is not accurate?